Sextoys and everything we've been missing so far

Don't you often, especially when winter falls and your bed turns into Siberia, long for the company of a bedside heater to help you warm up your bed? Nowadays, with the frenetic lifestyle we lead, having an alternative to that companion we long for at night is definitely something worth having. And yes dear reader, we are referring to that naughty mini (or not so mini 😝) gadget that some of us have in our bedside table drawer. The funny thing is that, unfortunately, many of us still haven't got hold of one.
In this article we will analyse the whys and wherefores of why many people today do not dare to use a sex toy, be it a dildo or the famous clitoral sucker so well known for providing so much pleasure. If you haven't tried any of the above, have you ever thought of doing so? If not, here are some reasons to encourage you to break down that barrier and enter the pleasurable world of sex toys.
Orgasm in women, unlike in men, can have different levels of intensity and can be achieved in different ways. There are those whose sensation is so powerful that it takes our breath away, others that are not so strong but are much more prolonged and those in which we need more time of stimulation and whose subsequent sensation completes us. But the reality is that many women find it difficult to reach orgasm during sexual intercourse and one of the most common reasons is due to a lack of clitoral stimulation. As a result, intercourse can be unsatisfactory.
Sex toys can therefore help us discover new ways or the best way to have an orgasm on our own. Besides, how can we know what we like or what turns us on if we don't touch ourselves? And in a way, what's the point of having sex if both partners don't enjoy it? A clitoral stimulator can be the perfect toy for instant stimulation and therefore reaching nirvana. Therefore, by finding those points of pleasure and stimulation we can share this knowledge with our partner and improve our sexual relations. Additionally, we can use the same toy during foreplay to moisten the area and avoid that annoying sensation that occurs when we have vaginal dryness.
Basically, it's all about getting to know you, knowing your preferences and above all enjoying the sensations that your body generates when in contact with this device. The clitoral suction device has become increasingly popular as it can provide several intense orgasms in a very short time. It is important to stress that sex is not just about being intimate with another person but having sex with yourself is beneficial for your body and mind but also to give you joy after a hard day. Why not give it a try? Nowadays there is a very wide range of sex toys, the one we definitely recommend is the HUGBOX 2 in 1 clitoral stimulator. It is a very versatile toy because at one end you have a clitoral stimulator and at the other end a vibrator with 20 different intensities.
Treat yourself and have a date with yourself. Light some candles, prepare your favourite dish and dessert, open a good bottle of wine and finish by watching a film of that actor that makes you horny, or even a porn movie and start using the stimulator. The rest is all about enjoying the magic (the fourth intensity of the suction cup will drive you crazy 😉) and ending up sleeping with a smile from ear to ear 🤤.
We all know that there is nothing more gratifying than taking care of ourselves and giving ourselves lots of love. After all, if you don't know how to give yourself pleasure, how do you want others to give you pleasure? Here begins your new adventure, the adventure of exploring yourself, loving yourself and cumming like never before in your life.

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