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We develop Erotic Toys

HUGBOX is a new player in sex toys. The team is encouraged by a woman convinced that sex is no longer taboo. But understand the force it has in our lives, it is an omnipresent world where we can escape from the everyday, where we are ourselves and offer ourselves to whom we have a high connection.
Now we spend our time running, but we still need to get away in ... an intense orgasm. 🤍

A whole world to discover 

Whether in a couple or not, life has to be varied with various pleasures, humans like to try new things. Discover new sensations.
 The world of sex is fortunate to be able to be executed in so many ways. Toys take part in opening up a world of excitement worth discovering! 😝

Quality, at the center of our decisions 

The idea of HUGBOX has been to propose few references, to allow us the time to study and optimize the design and quality of our products and to propose only the best of the sextoys. All products are respectful of the health of the user and the planet. That has been the basic point before developing any product. 💌
All of our erotic toys pass a demanding quality control to guarantee you the best. Our silicone is medical grade, and we meet all EU quality standards and certificates.
We are beginning to be known, we are a Spanish brand based in Madrid, Spain. 

Innovation and reliability

We are passionate about innovation, we are taking out the latest generation engines, the noise is very low, and the programs more varied. The touch is very soft thanks to a high quality silicone. The products are highly reliable and 100% healthy.


If you have doubts, or want to contact the HUGBOX experts by e-mail, chat or WhatsApp, who will be happy to help you and advise you without obligation so that you find the products you really need.
We care about knowing and respecting our users, that's why you will only find products for girls. Soft and powerful toys that will transport you into a world of different pleasures, progressive and intense!


We are the first users of the products, when we send one we care about discretion, your product will arrive very quickly, in a neutral box, there is no information for the delivery person. No one apart from you will know what you will receive 😉