Collection: ABOUT US

We develop erotic toys

HUGBOX is more than a brand, it is a lifestyle that promotes sex and self-exploration. Sex as a taboo has been put on the back burner and has become the epicentre of our lives and our everyday topics of conversation. Our goal is clear: to promote female pleasure in intimacy thanks to our sex toys.

With the frenetic pace of our daily lives, we sometimes need to escape into... an intense orgasm! 🤍

A whole world to discover

Since the beginning of our existence, human beings have been curious by nature. We like to experience new sensations, and even more so when it comes to sex. For whatever reason, sex toys play a very important role, as they are not only a way to get rid of tension and stress when we get home, they are also the tools to discover ourselves and strengthen our complicity with our partner. 😝

Quality, at the heart of our decisions

The HUGBOX concept is more about quality than quantity. In this respect, we aim to optimise our time in the study and development of our products in order to guarantee their efficacy and safety.

All products are respectful of the health and well-being of the user and the planet. This has been our starting point before developing any product. 💌

All our erotic toys undergo stringent quality control to guarantee you the best. Our silicone is medical grade, and we comply with all EU quality standards and certificates.

Innovation and Reliability

We are passionate about innovation and have developed state-of-the-art motors, very discreet and with a wide range of programmes. The feel of the products is very soft thanks to high quality silicone. The products are highly reliable and 100% healthy.

Soft and powerful toys that will transport you into a world of different, progressive and intense pleasures!


If you have any questions, or if you would like to contact the HUGBOX experts, there are several ways to get in touch: by e-mail, via the Chat at the bottom right of each page, or WhatsApp 665 418 337. We will be happy to help you and advise you without obligation so that you can find the products you are really looking for.


Discretion and speed are important to us, so when you place your order, your product will arrive sealed in a neutral box with no product description. Once you open it, you will have the product with the corresponding packaging. In short, no one but you will know what you will receive. 😉