How to take sex play to the highest level

Have you ever stopped to think about what exactly turns you on? For some it might be kissing. For others it might be the touching of the other person's body, the caresses or it could even be whispering sweet or obscene words in the ear that lead to an intense session of pleasure. Others, on the other hand, are on a continuous quest to reinvent themselves and sweeten their sex life. What there is no doubt about is that an intense and erotic foreplay can become the prelude to something wonderful and pleasurable.
Sex play, or commonly known as foreplay, is a vital part of a healthy and fulfilling sex life, and sex toys can enliven this process by making it more fun and interesting. The vibrating egg, in particular, could be the perfect toy to get you started in this world. Whether it's in bed, on the sofa or in any other corner of the house, it's important to practise what the other person likes so that you can both move slowly towards that climax of pleasure. It is clear that kissing and caressing are the basis for the initiation of any sexual act, but if you add a sex toy to the equation, you will take your foreplay to another level. For this reason it is something more and more accepted by couples as it brings back the excitement and intensifies the sensations during sex.
Being so close to someone and showing them exactly how you pleasure yourself is the most intimate thing you could have with someone. For this, stimulation is vital when it comes to discovering yourself and the vibrating egg is the perfect ally. As well as giving you pleasure, it also involves the other person in the process and during the process you can stimulate each other. Use it whenever you want, whenever your body asks for it or when you are both ready to explore each other beyond what you know. Make your most erotic fantasies come true or even help your partner discover them. And also, if your partner suggests it, don't hesitate to use it, because OMG! How fun and interesting it is to get to know and discover our hidden pleasures! Imagine the two of you, pulsing at a thousand beats per hour, out of breath, waiting for the perfect moment to merge and become one. And what if this pleasure was completed with the help of a stimulator like the vibrating egg? I'm telling you, my friend, that nothing beats that intense arousal beforehand.
On the other hand, if your body is asking for war and you are eager to satisfy your sexual desire, start directly using this sex toy. And don't be shy, be as loud as you want to be, express your sensations freely, but above all don't be ashamed of anything because we all have the right to enjoy a good fuck! If there is something you really like and want to do, share it with your partner. Because who knows! Maybe you have more fantasies in common than you think!
I suggest you start by massaging the clitoris and vagina with your fingers until it starts to get wet. At this point, the vibrating egg comes into action intensifying the pleasure even more. Slowly insert it by turning it like a screw, turn it on and start at the gentlest intensity. Meanwhile, continue to stimulate her clitoris this time with your mouth and as time goes on increase the intensity until you reach orgasm.
It has been proven that the use of sex toys during intercourse provides a greater sensation of pleasure and satisfaction. It is not, in any case, a substitute for sex, but rather a complement to it. Once you try it, you will want more but at the same time you will feel even more satisfied. So don't hesitate to try it! What are you waiting for to get one? Your sexuality and your preferences may be different, you may be at a stage of wanting to get into new adventures and try new things but the feeling that gives you the vibrating egg will not leave you indifferent. Seriously, get one, start trying it by yourself and the rest, you decide with whom, how and where to use it! 😜


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